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About Us

  • Intense IP is a global player providing comprehensive IP solutions to in-house IP Departments and Patent law firms through a robust team of techno-legal experts and patent attorneys. We have a team of more than 12 patent attorneys in computer science, electronics, electrical, engineering and mechanical engineering. The average experiences of these patent attorneys are more than 11 years. In addition, Intense IP helps startups and mid-sized companies across the globe to build and commercialize their patent portfolio. Our team consists of highly experienced IP professionals and has partnerships with premier IP law firms across the globe. Our founders have worked at Samsung Electronics, and Infosys as IP executives and CTOs. We currently have clients across India, US and Europe.


    Intense IP offers a unique value proposition for startups as it not only helps them identify and protect IP in their existing products but also helps them build their IP portfolio strategy so that they can own their technological landscape. Intense IP offers transparent, fixed price contracts and clients need not worry about hourly lawyer charges.


    Intense IP understands that IP departments are under constant pressure to manage drafting and prosecution process for hundreds of applications. They also need to conduct research and analytics, on ever increasing volumes and data, to inform the IP strategies of their enterprises.
    Intense IP acts as an extended IP team for clients IP departments and has strong capabilities for providing patent research, drafting, analytics and prosecution support services for Enterprises. Our team offers customized work products, aligned with client’s existing IP processes, to help them manage the demands of their R&D departments

    Law Firms

    Intense IP understands that law firms are always trying to maintain a fine balance between the volume of work and the staffing of their teams. Intense IP assists Law firms with high end search and analysis and also provide them patent drafting services and licensing and litigation support. These customized services helps law firm partners focus on their core opinion work and on business development. Intense IP’s team acts as an extension to the law firms especially in peak periods, thereby helping them manage their delivery costs .

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