Westghats Technologies Pvt. Ltd, a Trivandrum based start-up has been granted a patent for inventing a system for interconnecting heterogeneous compute resources using graph based execution flow for image and video processing. The patent is aimed at accelerating image and video processing with the help of hardware-based data processing engines that work concurrently with the main processor to achieve a high degree of parallelism.

This start-up develops high-performance edge computing solutions for artificial intelligence and computer vision. Apart from this, the start-up focuses on providing deep learning-based high accuracy facial recognition, activity monitoring and video analytics capabilities to systems in embedded form factor.

As per the publically available data, the start-up has filed only one patent application till date. The patent application was filed on 15th October 2018 and has received the patent grant on 3rd March 2020. As per the initial observation, this one odd patent is a good start but will hardly give any protection to the start-up in an already patent crowded technological landscape. It seems that the start-up may have to rethink their strategy of how to use patents/patent portfolio as a strategic tool: be it using for protection, using it for issuing impactful press releases or raising the valuation by partially owing the technological landscape.

This granted patent focuses on inventing a system for interconnecting heterogeneous compute resources using graph based execution flow for image and video processing. The system utilizes multiple cameras to acquire visual images and videos based on the application requirement. The system utilizes a heterogeneous parallel processing system to execute the data based on a data flow pipeline set by the main processor. The system includes a mix of compute engines (SIMDs, fixed-function pipelines and hardware kernels) that work on pipelined streams of data based on programming instructions and/or configuration data. The nodes act as proxies for compute engines in graph and message based routing system to establish graph based flow control mechanism between these nodes.

The patent can be accessed through the given link:

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