Various forms of Intellectual Property

What are the various forms of Intellectual Property?

Entrepreneurs and business organizations demand the protection of their intellectual property for the improvement and the expansion of their business. Intellectual property provides the protection of the ideas, invention, literary works, artistic works, designs and various other creations through numerous techniques. Each of the technique is available for the protection of different kinds of creations.

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Importance of Intellectual Property in the growth of a country

Why is Intellectual Property Important for the growth of a country?

It is important to understand the relation of Intellectual property with the growth of a country. Intellectual property plays a significant role towards the economic development of a country. Intellectual property is a result of the creations of the mind of the citizens of a country. In the present scenario, some countries don’t fully realize the power of protecting the intellectual property of their citizens. This lack of realization is a result of a misleading impression in the minds of the activists and the government officials about the relationship between the strong IP protection and economic growth of the country. The government officials claim that providing Intellectual property rights and protection is an obstacle in the path of development and thus should be enforced only when a country has achieved a high-income status. 

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Meaning of Intellectual Property

How is Intellectual Property defined by different entities?

Before one understand the meaning and importance of Intellectual Property, it is important to understand the meaning of the separate words which makes the phrase “Intellectual Property” so relevant in today’s world. The term “intellectual” is concerned with individuals who possess a distinct experience and intelligence and valuable insight and utilize it by applying their resourceful and creative minds for the sole purpose to bring about a change in the society.

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An Overview of Intellectual Property for Beginners

Why is Intellectual Property important for everyone?

In this era of globalization, the business world is more like a jungle, a harsh environment in which only fittest survive. As the famous English naturalist and geologist Charles Darwin rightfully said: “It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.” The individuals or companies who can adapt to change survive the ruthless competition for a long time. Adaptability to change plays a key role in the success of an individual or a business. Every individual or a person is competing with another individual for getting ahead in the race for achieving success. There is absolutely no room for any error in order to prevail over your rivals. The stipulation for every person to keep moving ahead is to create or think of new ideas or thoughts which are purely original and genuine.

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