Leiutis Pharmaceuticals Private Limited, a Hyderabad based pharmaceutical start-up has received a patent grant in the US for an innovative and novel drug. The patent has been granted for a stable, liquid parenteral pharmaceutical formulation of Fosaprepitant and a method of preparing such compositions.

Leiutis Pharmaceuticals is involved in creation of innovative products that provide advancement in treatment in specific therapeutic areas. Leiutis Pharmaceuticals brings is involved in Research and experimental development on natural sciences and engineering (NSE). Leiutis Pharmaceuticals has developed a portfolio of products by leveraging their expertise and using proprietary drug delivery technology that offers advancement in treatment in specific therapeutic areas which include Pain management, Supportive care, Epilepsy and Imaging & Diagnostic agents.

The start-up has filed around 74 patent applications, out of which 5 patent applications have already received grant. In addition, 31 patent applications are in examination phase and 4 patent applications have been withdrawn. Many patent applications have been filed under the PCT treaty in order to gain more time for filing patent applications in multiple countries. The start-up really seems to focus on building patent portfolios and monetizing them at further stages by either enforcing or using them for issuing press releases and presenting themselves as an innovative company, or using them during Mergers & Acquisitions as a tool for negotiation. The start-up, at this stage may use their patent portfolios as a deterrence tool in selected locations where they’re operating.

The recently granted patent focuses on a stable, liquid parenteral pharmaceutical formulation of Fosaprepitant and method of preparing such compositions. In addition, the patent focus on a liquid parenteral pharmaceutical formulation of Fosaprepitant comprising of Fosaprepitant, chelating agents, pH adjusting agents/buffering agents, stabilizing agents, solvents and optionally other pharmaceutically acceptable adjuvants. The patent application was filed on 02nd August 2016 and got the grant on 18th March 2020.

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