Trademark Search Guide

Indian Trademark Search

Step by step process for Trademark searching on official Indian Trademark database

A person who is trying to seek for registration of his mark must conduct a thorough trademark search to make sure that his mark, logo or sign is not similar or infringes on someone else’s registered trademark. Conducting a trademark search is easy and less time-consuming as compared to other types of searches related to Intellectual Property. If a company in India wants to conduct the trademark search, he can do it on the IP India website ‘’. The IP India website provides the information about all the registered, abandoned and removed trademarks till date. For initiating the trademark search, the person must go in the trademark section by clicking on Trademarks on the home page. After arriving in the trademarks section, the user must select the Public Search option.

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Trademark Search Procedure

How to conduct a trademark search?

The trademark search can be conducted in two ways. One way is to conduct the search on your own and the other way is by appointing a lawyer or a searcher specialized in searching of the trademark. The prior art for the trademark can be searched on various free or paid databases.

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Trademark Search

What is a Trademark Search?

A trademark search is a thorough search of trademark databases and other marketplace resources to check whether a mark is previously owned or in-use by any other party. Conducting a trademark search before filing an application for registration is essential as it allows a person to clarify the use of his mark and makes registration process easy in case no similar mark is found to be in use before.

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