IP Needs for Various Types of Industries

IP Protection in Manufacturing Industry

Which types of IP protections are required for Manufacturing Industry?

The next class of industries where Intellectual Property plays a vital role is manufacturing industries. The term manufacturing industries include a large amount of industries into its ambit. As the term suggests, manufacturing industries operate with the help of machines and labor for transforming the provided raw materials into any product for generating revenue. Typically, a manufacturing industry employs various industrial processes for converting natural resources into something useable and marketable for their own benefit. Examples of some of them are construction industry, transportation industry, electronics and telecommunication industries, chemical industry and mechanical industry. The manufacturing industries play a vital role in the growth of economy of a country. 

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IP Protection for Pharmaceutical Industry

Which types of IP protections are required for pharmaceuticals Industry?

One of the important industries which need attention is the pharmaceutical industry. It can be said that the pharmaceutical industry deals in the manufacturing of various drugs and medicines for marketing. The pharmaceutical industry discovers and develops new drugs and medicines. The top pharmaceutical companies today are Pfizer, Novartis, GlaxoSmithKline, AstraZeneca and Sanofi. A pharmaceutical company needs a legal license from the government for producing drugs and medicines. The pharmaceutical companies invest in marketing their products for providing better health care and thus improving the quality of life. Due to this reason, the government keeps quick tabs on every pharmaceutical company. The government is very sensitive towards this field and maintains strict control and policies. No government wants to risk the lives of its people. Every pharmaceutical company has to go through a long process before bringing out a new drug or medicine. There is always a risk of theft in this industry as well. Thus, Intellectual property protection is of prime importance in this field.

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IP protection for E-Commerce Industry

Which types of IP protections are required for e-commerce Industry?

At first, it must be puzzling for everyone as to why intellectual property protection is important for an e-commerce company which is here to sell products. A brief look should be given towards what actually forms an e-commerce company. In general, an e-commerce company deals in the marketing of products through the internet. With the expansion of internet over the last decade, e-commerce companies have grown at a rapid pace. Currently, e-commerce is one of the biggest profits making business in India. These e-commerce companies provide various services to customers as well as other businesses. Some of the top e-commerce companies today in India are Flipkart, Fashion and you, Myntra, Inkfruit, Deals and you, Home Shop 18, Yebhi.com, India gifts portal and Cartalane.

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IP Protection for Media Industry

Which types of IP protections are required for Media Industry?

Media industry is the hub for all sort of creative stuff. A media industry operates by reaching a large number of audiences by mass communication through various technologies. Media industry connects with the masses in various forms like radio, television, movies, music, newspaper, books, pamphlets or comics. The prime purposes of the media industry is to provide advocacy for both business and social concerns, entertainment through performances of acting, music, sports, TV shows, video and computer games and public service announcements and emergency alerts.

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IP Protection for Service Industry

Which types of IP protections are required for Service Industry?

A service based industry plays a crucial role in the economic progress of a country. A service based industry provides services to the people rather than providing products. They can also be explained as industries that primarily earn revenue through providing intangible products and services. Various services provided by the service based industries include transportation services, infotainment services, software services, communication services, retail services, food services and many more. The industries within the services division which have experienced a massive growth in the last decade are business services, software services, health services and social services.

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