Concept of Patents – In-Depth Analysis

Benefits of a Patent Protection

Why should a company go for Patent Protection?

Most of the startup companies often think whether it is worthwhile or not to go for patent protection for their innovations. Below are some of the advantages or benefits of patent protection which will help them figure out the importance of patent protection.

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Benefit of filing Patent Application in different countries

Why should I file a patent application in different countries?

Patents are jurisdictional in nature. An individual or person receives the protection of a patent based on the exclusivity of the idea or invention throughout the world. A patent will be granted to a person if and only if the idea presented by the person has not been known anywhere in the world.  Additionally, there must not be any granted patent in any part of the world related to the idea presented by the person. Moreover, the person can seek protection of his idea throughout the world by seeking patent protection and following the rules and laws established by the government of each country.

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Criteria for Patentability

What are the different criteria for getting the patent application granted?

Every country has its own criteria for granting a patent as per the defined laws. However, there are some criteria which are commonly followed by every country for granting a patent. The most important criteria or requirements are discussed below. 

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