Basics of Intellectual Property – For Beginners

Geographical Indication

What is a Geographical Indication?

A geographical indication is one of the types of Intellectual Property. A geographical indication specifies a name, sign or mark used on a product that is associated with specific geographical location. A Geographical indication tag is used to specify a geographical territory. In addition, the geographical indication is used for agricultural goods, natural goods, and manufactured goods etc. Some of the famous examples are Silk Sarees of Kanchipuram, Alphanso Mangoes, Oranges of Nagpur, Kolhapuri Chappal, Bikaneri Bhujia, and Agra Petha etc.

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Protection of Plant Varieties

What are the ways to protect plant varieties?

One of the easiest ways to protect plant varieties is to utilize the provision of Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmers’ Rights Act, 2001. As the name clearly suggests, the Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmers’ Act, 2001 provides protection to various varieties of plants for the farmers. The act provides rights to farmers and plant breeders that help them to foster the development of new plant varieties. The act protects rights of the plant breeders for stimulating investment in research and development of new plant varieties. The farmer provides a huge contribution towards the economic development of a country. Therefore, this act was introduced by a country like India, which is highly dependent on the development of agriculture to accelerate development of the country.

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Industrial Design Protection

What is an Industrial Design Protection?

The Industrial Design right is another type of Intellectual Property protection. The design or designing is the process of converting an object from its existing state to its preferred state. Industrial design protects the aesthetic value of an object. An industrial design consists of three-dimensional features such as a shape of an object or configuration of an object.  Additionally, the industrial design consists of two-dimensional features such as pattern or ornamentation of an object. The industrial designs are developed by industrial designers that are qualified to create unique designs as per the requirements of the client or manufacturer. Industrial designs are an outcome of an elaborative collection, analysis and synthesis of data which is used for guidance of designing a unique product. Industrial designers are trained to prepare clear and precise designs through drawings, models and descriptions. Some of the few examples of famous industrial designs are Mini Cooper, Piaggio Vespa Scooter, Rocking wheelchair and Cipher drinking glass.

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Trademark Protection

What is Trademark Protection?

Trademarks are another way of protecting the Intellectual Property. Trademarks are generally provided for the protection of a sign, expression or a design. Trademark is a protection which is provided with a sign, name or logo of an organization or can also be given to a certain product or services of a particular source. The protection helps in recognizing sign/expression or making it one of its kinds in a unique manner. The protection of a trademark is performed for protecting the reputation established by an organization or many organizations in the market. Various infringing parties launch products in the market with the same name as that of an already launched product belonging to a reputed organization.

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Copyright Protection

What is copyright protection?

Copyrights are a part of the Intellectual property. Unlike patents which protect the technological ideas and inventions, copyrights are essentially used for the protection of literary works, artistic works, musical works, dramatic works and other intellectual works. In simpler words, copyright provides the protection of the expressions of an individual.  The expressions relate to an individual’s thinking and mind process. For example, an author writes a new novel or a music director composing a new song or a lyricist writing the lyrics of a new song. Thus, copyright covers works of art, photos, pictures, songs, music, sound recordings, books, manuscripts, publications, plays, movies, shows and other performance arts. Copyright will not protect the process through which a particular work was created or the use of information within it. Copyright can be defined in following ways:

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Patent Protection

What is a Patent Protection?

Intellectual property is the by-product of the intellect of an individual. Patents are a sub-part of Intellectual property which caters technological innovative advancements. The patents essentially protect the technological and scientific possessions. Any creation which is associated with a new technology and resembles uniqueness and novelty to the world comes under the patent protection. An example of a creation or idea can be a new technology or a new application which helps in providing an absolutely new and innovative way of recording notes by using the technology or the application on any portable communication device such as smartphone desktop, laptops and tablets. The new technology overcomes the drawbacks of an already existing technology employed for the same purpose.

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Various forms of Intellectual Property

What are the various forms of Intellectual Property?

Entrepreneurs and business organizations demand the protection of their intellectual property for the improvement and the expansion of their business. Intellectual property provides the protection of the ideas, invention, literary works, artistic works, designs and various other creations through numerous techniques. Each of the technique is available for the protection of different kinds of creations.

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Importance of Intellectual Property in the growth of a country

Why is Intellectual Property Important for the growth of a country?

It is important to understand the relation of Intellectual property with the growth of a country. Intellectual property plays a significant role towards the economic development of a country. Intellectual property is a result of the creations of the mind of the citizens of a country. In the present scenario, some countries don’t fully realize the power of protecting the intellectual property of their citizens. This lack of realization is a result of a misleading impression in the minds of the activists and the government officials about the relationship between the strong IP protection and economic growth of the country. The government officials claim that providing Intellectual property rights and protection is an obstacle in the path of development and thus should be enforced only when a country has achieved a high-income status. 

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Meaning of Intellectual Property

How is Intellectual Property defined by different entities?

Before one understand the meaning and importance of Intellectual Property, it is important to understand the meaning of the separate words which makes the phrase “Intellectual Property” so relevant in today’s world. The term “intellectual” is concerned with individuals who possess a distinct experience and intelligence and valuable insight and utilize it by applying their resourceful and creative minds for the sole purpose to bring about a change in the society.

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An Overview of Intellectual Property for Beginners

Why is Intellectual Property important for everyone?

In this era of globalization, the business world is more like a jungle, a harsh environment in which only fittest survive. As the famous English naturalist and geologist Charles Darwin rightfully said: “It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.” The individuals or companies who can adapt to change survive the ruthless competition for a long time. Adaptability to change plays a key role in the success of an individual or a business. Every individual or a person is competing with another individual for getting ahead in the race for achieving success. There is absolutely no room for any error in order to prevail over your rivals. The stipulation for every person to keep moving ahead is to create or think of new ideas or thoughts which are purely original and genuine.

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