String Bio Pvt Ltd, a Bengaluru based start-up has been granted a patent for inventing a method for production of succinic acid from organic waste. The patent is aimed at converting organic waste into a useful chemical and providing an environment-friendly and commercially viable solution for waste management.

This start-up provides sustainable solutions for real-world problems related to waste management by producing valuable chemical monomers. The start-up focuses on revolutionizing how waste flows through our ecosystem.

As per the publically available data, the start-up has filed around 13 patent applications till date out of which 4 patent applications have already received grant. In addition, 6 patent applications are in examination phase and 3 patent applications have expired. The recently granted patent was filed on 13th April 2015 and have received the grant on 25th February 2020.  As per our initial observation, the start-up seems to focus on building patent portfolios and monetizing them at further stages by either enforcing or using them for issuing press releases and presenting themselves as an innovative company, or using them during Mergers & Acquisitions as a tool for negotiation.

The recently granted patent focuses on inventing recombinant Methylococcus capsulatus bacterium and a method of production of succinic acid from methane or biogas.  Succinic acid is produced from a carbon source using the recombinant Methylococcus capsulatus bacterium. Organic waste is utilized as an input and is digested anaerobically into biogas. After that, the bacterium in the biogas is cultured and the biogas is converted to succinic acid, a useful chemical that provides an environment-friendly solution for waste management.

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