Benefits of Copyright Registration

Why should I go for Copyright Protection?

Most of the artists and publishers often think whether it is worthwhile to go for copyright protection for their literary or artistic work. Below are some benefits of copyright protection which will help to figure out the importance of copyright protection.

Public Record

Copyright protection establishes a public record of the ownership of the copyright’s holder. Copyright law allows the authors to present their work to the public or sell their works in large amount for generating revenue. This also helps in establishing name and reputation of the author in minds of the people.

Legal Power to Copyright Holders

Copyright protection imparts power to the copyright holders to sue infringers in court. Authors have legal right under the copyright law to file a case against the third parties infringing on their work. This allows the authors to maintain their reputation in the market and avoid illegal use of their works by others.

Financial Rewards

Copyright provides monetary benefits to the authors of the work. The main purpose for any individual is to earn a substantial amount of incentive for the work he has done. Copyright law provisions the authors to earn revenue through their work. A writer can sell his novel to the public for earning money or a lyricist can provide the song lyrics to a music director for a movie and earn money in return.

Legal Proof

The copyright owner receives a legal proof in form of a registration certificate. The government issues a document to the copyright holder stating full description of his work. The registration certificate is useful evidence in case of another party trying to sue an author for his work.

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