Securely share software Pvt Ltd, a Bangalore based start-up has been granted a patent for inventing a system for providing an intended content recipient with selective access to an encrypted data file. The Patent is aimed at validating at least one personal digital identity of the user prior to providing the user with access to an encrypted document.

This start-up provides comprehensive platform for enablement of data security governance. The start-up focuses on protecting consumers and enterprises from data breaches and empower them to have control of their own data.

As per the publically available data, the start-up has filed only one patent application till date. The patent application was filed on 9th April 2018 and has received the patent grant on 3rd March 2020. As per the initial observation, this one odd patent is a good start but will hardly give any protection to the start-up in an already patent crowded technological landscape. It seems that the start-up may have to rethink their strategy of how to use patents/patent portfolio as a strategic tool: be it using for protection, using it for issuing impactful press releases or raising the valuation by partially owing the technological landscape.

This granted patent focuses on inventing a system for providing an intended content recipient with selective access to an encrypted data file. The system has a memory module and a processor coupled to the memory module. The system enables an intended content recipient to create a verifiable personal identity for himself by using a National Identification Number (NIN), and link the NIN to an identifier identifying a computer-based device, so that a challenge (preferably in the form of an OTP having a time-validity) for verifying the identity of the intended content recipient could be delivered to both the mobile phone and the email ID linked to the corresponding NIN. Subsequently, when the intended content recipient authenticates himself and validates the fact that the email ID and mobile phone number linked to the NIN are indeed accessible to him, the remote server enables the intended content recipient to access the encrypted data file.

The patent can be accessed through the given link:

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