RX PRISM Health System Private Limited, a Bangalore based start-up has been granted a patent for inventing an adapter device for a television screen. The adapter device enables users to extend television content onto portable devices. The start-up works on healthcare-focused technologies and digital scientific simulations in order to make people’s lives better with utilization of cutting-edge technologies.

As per the publically available data, the start-up has filed around 15 patent applications, out of which 2 patent applications have already received grant. In addition, 13 patent applications are in examination phase. The start-up really seems to focus on building patent portfolios and monetizing them at further stages by either enforcing or using them for issuing press releases and presenting themselves as an innovative company, or using them during Mergers & Acquisitions as a tool for negotiation.

The adapter device of the granted patent includes input interface, output interface, multiple processing units, multiple broadcasting units, a power supply, a microcontroller, and WIFI extenders. The input interface receives television content. The multiple processing units processes received television content in real-time and provide processed television content in different resolutions and formats to the multiple broadcasting units.  The output interface sends television content from the adapter device to multiple visual display units. After that, the multiple broadcasting units establish a Wi-Fi network to connect the portable devices and form a wireless intranet network. After forming the wireless intranet network, the multiple broadcasting units broadcast processed television content to the portable devices. The processed television content is broadcasted to the portable devices for receiving and rendering live stream link in which every television content has different live stream links to be established based on the television content opted on the portable devices. The WIFI extenders extends Wi-Fi strength or signal coverage of the established Wi-Fi network.

The patent can be accessed through the given link:

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