An Overview of Intellectual Property for Beginners

Why is Intellectual Property important for everyone?

In this era of globalization, the business world is more like a jungle, a harsh environment in which only fittest survive. As the famous English naturalist and geologist Charles Darwin rightfully said: “It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.” The individuals or companies who can adapt to change survive the ruthless competition for a long time. Adaptability to change plays a key role in the success of an individual or a business. Every individual or a person is competing with another individual for getting ahead in the race for achieving success. There is absolutely no room for any error in order to prevail over your rivals. The stipulation for every person to keep moving ahead is to create or think of new ideas or thoughts which are purely original and genuine.

The prime desire of every human being today is to get recognized in some sort of a good way for his or her efforts and work. Each person has different kinds of ideas which he/she want to present to the world. The ideas may be any thought, any design, any poem, an artistic work, a new technology and various other kinds of work which are a result of the creative thinking of the person. Every person wants to implement his/her ideas or thoughts successfully in order to be appreciated in a community.

One question which comes to a philosophers mind is what is the main driving force which prompts the individuals to create new inventions or ideas? The answer is not at all surprising.  Money is the top driving force for any individual or any organization for striving hard towards implementing new ideas or thoughts. An idea may fail to produce any tangible output time to time but it doesn’t demoralize the humans to envisage new ideas and thoughts. Failing in achieving something is a part and parcel of business. One must realize the mistakes made by them and correct them as soon as possible in order to implement the idea better the next time.  The security and protection of an idea, a thought, a design or any other type of creation is a prior concern for any individual or an organization. The individual who creates an idea is referred to as an inventor.

The competitive world is filled with people who want to deceive or trick other people who have worked so hard for creating some new idea or invention. Some people try to take an unfair advantage of other people. In today’s success hungry world, there are some people who usually try to steal ideas or thoughts belonging to other individuals. People are attracted towards the concept of shortcut to success and fame. One will come across such persons in every aspect of life whether it is during a person’s schooling life, professional life or the day to day tasks. For example, a person may try to produce a painting which is an imposter of another person’s work in order to succeed or get ahead. In a professional scenario, a person may try to copy the design of a car which is originally designed by some other individual. The person with an original idea feels betrayed and cheated upon for having done so much of hard work and put in his precious time and brain towards building something which will eventually help him or her towards achieving their pre-determined goals in life. Therefore, the individuals must deal with this situation in a proper way.

An individual must provide a deep thought before disclosing the details about his ideas to other people because of a simple fact that the other person might present the idea to someone else and try to gain the appreciation for it. Every individual wants to preserve the originality of their ideas or thoughts. An individual must have absolutely no hesitation in claiming the right to call any idea or invention as his or her own property. The factor which motivates an individual to create new ideas and inventions is to achieve success and a significant monetary value in return for it. However, other factors can be the safety of the idea or invention. Therefore, every individual seeks protection for their work to deter others from misusing it or calling it as a property of their own. A person buying a new home wants to register the house in his/her name so that he/she can rightfully claim it as a house of their own which has been constructed exclusively on the demand of that person.

In another scenario, during a meeting, a professional giving a presentation to other professionals proposes a new business plan for the benefit of the organization. The person has invested his valuable time in preparing the proposal for the same and wants the proposed business plan in his or her name. Another example can be of a person, employed as a Product Designer in a smartphone manufacturing company, introducing a new design of a smartphone to his or her senior officials. A person working in the film industry as a lyricist writes the lyrics of a new song or an author writes a new novel for marketing purposes.  All the above-stated idea examples are a result of a person’s intellect through which he/she desires to continuously move ahead in life. All these ideas or thoughts or design are a product of a person’s intellect and the knowledge gained by that person throughout life for coming out with a new idea or thought. Any property whether it is an idea or a design or a new product or a new poem resulting from a person’s intellect or mental efforts is termed as an intellectual property of that person. Its value lies in its appeal to others who might wish to use it or the goods it describes.

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